Welcome to PUFF

Welcome to PUFF and a world of gift items from over 950 swedish companies.

PUFF is an association consisting of more than 950 Swedish companies in the wholesale trade of gift-, interior- & design products, imported as well as “made in Sweden”.
The line of articles is wide; ceramics, glass, wood, textiles, candles, basket-works, trinkets, toys, children items, sweets and delicacies, artificial flowers, decorative items, domestic appliances, gift wrappings, bar items and seasonal articles for Christmas, Easter, Halloween just to mention a few product areas.

If you already know the name of the company you are looking for you can search under the page "Medlemsföretag". From there you have access to their web-site and contact information.
If you know the product  you are looking for in swedish, go to: "sök på puff.se" and companies having this product in their discription will be displayed

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